Welcome to ‘Kids Way Nursery’

Junior Tots

With a multi sensory curriculum that aims to build superior minds among our little giants, we provide a stimulating foundation for all areas of development.

Senior Tots

This class focuses on teaching skills of interaction with other children, following directions, listening skills, sharing with others and “being separated from parents into a loving environment”


This class focuses on Kindergarten readiness. Listening skills, self-control, and increased confidence will improve as children interact with the teachers and other children.

Pre KG

This class is designed for children who need an extra year before entering the “big school”. this is an
enriched and advanced Kindergarten readiness class.

Why Kids Way Nursery?

If you choose Kids Way Nursery School you can have the peace of mind that your child is in the safe hands of a highly competent and caring team.

Our staff are our most valuable asset and as a company we guarantee that all of our early childhood educators fully qualified. The facilities in all of our centers are second to none.

Kids Way encourages children to become flexible thinkers and independent, self-directed learners in a non-competitive environment which respects and nurtures the individuality of its members.

why kidsway

Meet Our Teachers

Our warm, enthusiastic and highly skilled teachers are one of our most important assets. These experienced professionals have been selected not only because of their excellent academic training, but also because they truly care about the development and happiness of our students. 

Partnering with the Parents

Kids Way deeply engaged faculty works closely with families to nurture and stimulate young children as they make the transition from the world of home to the world of school. Parent involvement, both inside and outside the classroom, creates a strong sense of community that enriches the school.

Parents are a great source of information and are often at the school during the week. Parent afternoons are held each term. We call it Morning Brews where we generally involve parents and teachers coming together to listen to a guest speaker, watch a relevant video or be involved in a workshop run by a staff member.

Central to our approach is the belief that parents should be genuine partners in their child’s early education.


The primary objective of our academic program is to capture the child’s natural curiosity and to develop his/her potential as a lifelong learner. Children explore their world through active play, use of manipulatives, strong academic programs, and nurturing guidance. Thematic units are developed and supported through meaningful learning experiences coupled with experiential activities.

Positive educational experiences at preschool and loving relationships at home provide a strong foundation for academic success. Teachers continually observe children and design lessons that both support and extend learning experiences in a safe and secure environment. In addition, our children are encouraged to explore materials at their own levels of interest and development.



We feel that children of all ages should come together to learn from and with each other. Although our classrooms are grouped and defined generally by age, all of the children have ample opportunity to work with other teachers and age groups as well. By encouraging interchange between classrooms a greater feeling of community is experienced as children both younger and older come to know and appreciate one another.


Image Driven

Kids Way Nursery School focuses upon the growth of the whole child through a play based, creative, nature focused curriculum. We promote this growth through a warm, engaging, and stimulating environment rooted in deep caring, and trusting relationships amongst teachers, children and families.

Image Driven


Research and experience both bear out that parental participation provides continuity for children and helps them learn more successfully, and keeps the school close to the values of its member families. Plus, parents bring a wide range of talents and resources that enrich the classroom, provide wise counsel, and reduce tuition.

To support this collaboration, we’re committed to frequent communication with families. Teachers and directors are of course always open to questions and comments. In addition, we offer parent-teacher conferences, weekly class newsletters – including photos and a summary of the week’s learning – and our unique Curriculum Nights and Parent Education events where parents can learn more about current research and our practices at the school.


Not all preschools are created alike. Learn more about what makes Kids Way unique.

While the website provides a great deal of information, we urge you to schedule a visit to our school to experience the buzzing activity of our classrooms and see our children and teachers in action.

YEARS of Service

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What The Parents Say

Our Curriculum

Our education equips our children to walk through doors of endless opportunities.

We are engaged in the world of Creative Curriculum, achieving a core of academic excellence for our little learners.

Our creative curriculum was planned to reflect a child’s interests in the world around him.
Included among the wide range of activities that students will be exposed to are language,arts,
mathematics, science, creative art, motor and discovery and history.

Months Old
Class Size

Milky Ways

Nursery 1

Months Old
Class Size

Blue Jets

Nursery 2

Months Old
Class Size

Yellow Planes

Nursery 3

Months Old
Class Size

Red Rockets

Nursery 4

Months Old
Class Size


PreKG 1

Months Old
Class Size


PreKG 2

Kid’s Way Creative Curriculum Foundation

At Kids Way, we’re right there with your child – providing an engaging, flexible curriculum that’s designed to inspire children at every age and stage. Built around extensive research, 21st-century technology, and developmentally- appropriate instruction, our carefully planned curriculum introduces and reinforces concepts of math, science, language, social awareness, environment, art, and health.

Character Building

The system will help the students become responsible, caring people. To strengthen the home-school connection and to show how important it is for families to reinforce good character at home. To teach the children that they are responsible for their own characters and that their daily choices determine who they are, making the student the good person they can be.


This helps develop children in many ways. The subject foundation outlines strategies for building a classroom community and developing positive relationships with and among children.


The studies that are at the heart of the system support children’s cognitive development through observation, discovery, exploration, and representation. Through studies, children connect experiences and use important process skills.
We introduce activity that involves sorting and classifying which encourage children to think logically. Opportunities for dramatic play are embedded throughout many of the resources.

Children also have the chance to represent their learning, such as by creating charts, graphs, drawings, and models.


Creative curriculum system features a wide variety of physical activities designed to guide children to move their bodies purposefully. The application of Mighty Minutes takes place and outdoor experiences for children to develop strength, balance, coordination, and motor skills.

The Arts

Art, music, and drama activities are integrated into daily classroom experiences through our Mighty Minutes and choice-time opportunities. The Creative Curriculum gives suggestions for fine arts experiences throughout the classroom. Kid’s Way Creative Curriculum Academic Learning Exposures


The System provides daily opportunities during choice time and small- and large-group times to intentionally engage in meaningful conversations with children about their experiences and ideas. Engaging experiences encourage children to communicate about what they are learning.


The system promotes activities that focus on phonological awareness, comprehension, print
awareness, and alphabet knowledge. Focused on writing skills provide a variety of activities that
help children understand print concepts and encourage them to write for a variety of purposes.


The system offers detailed guidance for incorporating mathematics learning into everyday
experiences and throughout the classroom. Mathematics activities are presented in daily practice
resources. Children learn about numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, patterns, and
data analysis through guided large- and small-group activities and choice-time exploration.

Science and Technology

Each teaching guide features studies, which are project-based investigations of meaningful topics. Children apply skills in literacy, mathematics, the arts, and technology as they explore concepts in science and social studies. The System incorporates technology into everyday learning experiences through our eBooks activities. Children become familiar with technological tools and use them to find information and express ideas with guidance. Our computer/tablets area and implementation will help children explore the many uses of technology.

Social Studies

Through book discussions, site visits, classroom visitors, and dramatic play, children are encouraged to examine how people live and work. Exploration focuses on families, communities, and cultural diversity.

Skills to be developed: Fine Motor

Helping your child to develop small muscle skills related using their fingers, thumb and hands with a variety of art, painting, coloring, stringing beads or buttons, cutting, lacing and writing activities. This skill or activity will develop their hand-eye coordination.

Skills to be developed: Gross Motor

Helping your child to develop the movements of large muscle groups found in the legs and arms which involve a variety of play-related activities such as hopping, skipping, jumping on a set-up obstacle course and/or climbing on playground equipment or a low balance beam, as does walking on straight line, crawling through a tunnel or kicking ball.

We train up children the way they should go.


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